Drupal developer / web admin at the National Archives, GS-13

Drupal Developer/Web Admin (IT Specialist) at the National Archives
Duty Location: College Park, Maryland

Note: Open to all U.S. citizens
This position provides expert level support for web operations and platform development in Drupal for the National Archives Intranet and for Archives.gov.

The major duties of this position are Drupal development, web administration, and serving as expert technical liaison.

  • Develop new sites/microsites; develop templates; debug and develop new site modules; convert designs into custom Drupal themes/sub-themes; develop custom Drupal site components including module creation/adaptation and database integration.
  • Establish and maintain requirements for Drupal websites, including performance and security requirements, and perform site analysis.
  • Provide web administration support and, in coordination with IT services, configure, direct, and/or advise on server configuration maintenance of NARA’s public and private facing websites (both on-site and cloud-based hosting).
  • Perform MySQL database management and optimization.
  • Maintain web system performance by performing system monitoring and analysis, troubleshooting websites, and escalating application and system problems to IT services as needed.
  • Analyze customers’ needs, transfer them into the system requirements, and then implement an appropriate application.
  • Advise staff, managers, and contractors on technical and functional requirements involving online services, web applications including web editing tools, statistical analysis packages, search engine capabilities, database design and web connectivity, web content management tools, and scanning and multimedia applications.