Manager of Digital Content, Exhibitions

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar

The museum is looking to hire its lead creative and visual voice to create exhibitions which use extensive technology. The Manager of Digital Content works with curators to produce exhibitions which challenge and engage audiences, and push and question both subject matter, exhibitionary practices, and uses of digital media.

This position is the primary manager and responsible party for digital exhibition creative look and feel, and digital content, ensuring the display, care, and availability of creative projects designed for in-person audience end-users.

The position is a critical member of a small international team based in Northwestern University’s Doha school (Northwestern Qatar). Due to the place of the museum within a university, extensive production, IT, digital media, and related aspects, facilities, and staffing also supports the museum’s work.

Working with extensive creative software systems, and a bespoke museum exhibition space, the Manager will bring their background in broadcast, gaming, gamification, interactivity, digital design, or similar, and creativity to the creation of two exhibitions per year, including interactive, projection, responsive, and online content.

This creative work will also be reflected in the display of each exhibition’s physical objects. Digital exhibition content will include born digital and digitized moving image (film, television, video games, etc.), still image, audio and music, and created content (from exhibition specific interviews, commissioned animations, to infographics), amongst other media. The Manager of Digital Content is expected to collaborate with and advise curators on the museum’s created content.

On a basic level the Manager of Digital Content directs and delivers layout and design of digital content within exhibitions, use of sound and media quality, interactivity, and compliance with content copyright agreements. However, this position offers an expansive creative landscape for the Manager to develop new digital-audience engagements which are both visually inspiring and experimental in storytelling, and in ways of sharing and exhibiting content.

This position may involve frequent travel, is based full-time in Doha, Qatar, and is open for immediate hire. US$70,000–90,000 plus allowances, accommodation and benefits.

Application is through the Northwestern HR system where a full job description is available. Find the link to the Manager of Digital Content position, and more information on benefits, here:

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