MW Community of Practice: Online Collections, Community Coordinator

MW’s Communities of Practice are a new way to extend and grow the value and buzz of conversations and collaborations that start at MW conferences, through online and in-person interactions year-round. Communities of Practice include providers of innovative products and services as well as cultural heritage professionals, and create a context in which for-profit and non-profit practitioners can partner to mutual benefit. Through focused conversations, shared research and pan-institutional collaborations, communities of practice formulate, promulgate, and raise best practice in the field.

Each Community of Practice will meet at MW’s North American conference in Cleveland April 19-22, 2017 to get to know one another and set an agenda for the year. The year’s program will likely involve regular email correspondence among participants (e.g. via a listserv), online meetings and conference calls, webinars, as well as further in-person meetings. The Community Coordinator dedicates 5 hours per week to managing these exchanges, ensuring that community members remain engaged and informed about the work of the community and wider field in online collections.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Email exchanges that keep community members aware and engaged in the conversation;
  2. Researching the MW archives and beyond to share relevant articles, case studies and events with the community;
  3. Blogging about the community’s topics, members’ work, and recruiting guest bloggers;
  4. Creating e-newsletters for the community and relevant news items for the entire MW community;
  5. Helping organize webinars, conference calls, and online meetings of the community;
  6. Helping run online surveys and other research initiatives with community members and throughout the sector;
  7. Helping convene in-person community meetings at MW conferences and any other special events held throughout the year.

The Community Coordinator is managed by MW staff and advised by a Community Mentor, a senior leader in the field who brings particular interest and expertise to the community’s efforts. The position is therefore an excellent opportunity for an emerging cultural heritage professional to develop knowledge of online collections and a network of practitioners in the field. In the interest of diversifying talent in the field, MW is particularly interested in receiving applications from candidates from backgrounds that are underrepresented in cultural heritage professions.

Remuneration is $15/hour for 5 hours/week for 50 weeks/year from April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018, and is funded by the Community’s Convening Sponsor, Axiell.

In addition to working with the cultural community, the Community Coordinator will be responsible for collaborating with the convening sponsor, Axiell. Axiell has been a leading provider of museum, archive, and library IT solutions for over 30 years. More than 3400 institutions worldwide have chosen to manage their collections with Axiell products. Axiell technology helps partners in the cultural sector foster enlightenment, equality, education, cultural heritage, preservation and information sharing. As such, the Community of Practice is a continued investment in establishing new and building existing relationships but also in learning and sharing knowledge with the field.

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