RFP: Website Development

Calling experienced GLAM sector web developers!   The Chogyam Trungpa Institute (CTI) at Naropa University is seeking a development partner to build a web site front end to our digital library of audio and video recordings of 1,500 lectures and other events, and digital transcripts of those recordings.

We want the website to inform our audience about the project, provide context for the library collection, and provide linkouts to our Aviary platform for searching and displaying the media and transcripts. All Aviary functionality and content will be configured and managed entirely by the CTI team.

We aim to launch the first version of the Digital Library in mid-2022 with a visually pleasing and functionally outstanding product and would love to hear from developers who would like to show us their best stuff.
What we want to achieve and the process is described in our Design Brief here or  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Weg0FsbtshfsqkXh7oyEMhl2ZPoJIhku/view?usp=sharing
Feel free to contact me with questions or clarifications.