Seasonal Housekeeper, Sports Legends Experience; The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis




The Seasonal Housekeeper performs general cleaning throughout the outdoor Sports Legends Experience and inside the Museum building.  He/she will assist with building set-up and tear down, as needed.



  1. Meticulously and consistently performs regular housekeeping. Responsible for attention to detail, and consistent and thorough cleaning of the entire museum and Sports Legends Experience.  Removes stains, spills and/or gum from floors throughout the day.


  1. Responsible for cleaning floors, tables and chairs in concession space. Responsible for maintaining cleanliness of outdoor concession area.


  1. Responsible for inspecting, stocking, supplying and cleaning of restrooms throughout each day. Daily inspections of all areas of the building and outdoor spaces, reporting any concerns to the appropriate person.


  1. Assists in set-ups for rooms and events, as required.


  1. Maintains cleanliness of janitor closets, keeping them neat in appearance and fully stocked. Maintains housekeeping equipment in good, operational condition.


  1. Responsible for operating floor equipment to clean floors in lounge areas and restrooms.


  1. Assists with outside grounds maintenance including snow removal, weeding and lot pick up as needed.


The Children’s Museum is open six to seven days per week.  The Sports Legends Experience is open from mid-March through October. Seasonal Housekeepers are required to work a flexible and varying schedule, which may include evenings, weekends and holidays. 



  1. Must possess high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  2. Two years’ experience in industrial or large public facility housekeeping.
  3. Must possess a proven track record of strong customer service.
  4. Must be able to work holidays, nights and weekends when scheduled.
  5. Must be able to vary normal work schedule, as needed, in order to provide adequate coverage for the museum.
  6. Must possess operational knowledge of and experience using commercial cleaning equipment. Must possess the analytical skills to use telephones, keep accurate and up to date written records, and possess some knowledge of computer systems, and two-way radio systems.


*Special consideration given to those applicants who are multi-lingual.



  1. Must be able to view computer monitor, facilities related documents and make observations of museum, visitors, and other equipment.
  2. Must be able to communicate extensively via telephone, one-on-one conversations, and two-way radios with visitors, staff and museum guests.
  3. Must be able to able to respond to on-call alerts, as needed.
  1. Must be able to lift heavy objects (minimum 50 lbs), stock inventory and other museum supplies, tolerate dust in the indoor environment and extreme temperatures and humidity in the outdoor environment.
  2. Must also be able to accomplish both low and high cleaning of the building (ground level to seven feet high).