Senior English Editor at Qatar Museums (Doha, Qatar)

The Senior English Editor is a position within the Publications Department at Qatar Museums. The editor will take full responsibility for planning, management and development of publications text from concept to production across a wide variety of topics including Islamic Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, History, Fashion and Design. The editor will work on copy-editing, structural editing and proof-reading for a wide range of publications including exhibition guides, catalogues, monographs, children’s stories, heritage booklets etc, and will liaise with the various internal and external stakeholders (authors, curators, publisher, translators, designers…), ensuring highest publishing standards, adherence to style guides and timely delivery.


  1. Editorial
    –Review and edit text for clarity, accessibility and engagement.
    –Ensure consistency and accuracy in spelling, grammar, punctuation and style.
    –Restructure content in consultation with author(s) as necessary.
    –Rewrite text if required to improve accessibility for the intended audiences.
    –Seek necessary feedback, review and approvals to finalise texts.
    –Proof-read layout files before production.
    –Edit publication content ranging from 5,000 up to 50,000 words.
    –Organise files for accurate version control.
    –Contribute to the development to house style guides.
  2. Management
    –Plan, organise and prioritise workload in order to manage multiple projects and deadlines.
    –Manage the various content elements and sources per publication.
    –Liaise with translators to implement editorial changes in multiple languages.
    –Prepare content for designers to ensure structure and hierarchy are clear and work collaboratively through the design process to check accuracy of text and images
    –Ensure all correspondence files are up to date and complete, archiving, keeping, full proof records until a project is completed
  3. Quality Control
    –Verify facts, dates and statistics using standard reference sources.
    –Take responsibility for the progress and quality of the text from first edit to publication, including communicating with content providers and stakeholders as required.
    –Check all in-house work before it is sent out to clients, check all outsourced work to ensure that it adheres to the guidelines given and meets the briefs.
    –Work within specified and approved style guides
  4. Communication
    –Develop and maintain excellent working relationship with key internal and external stakeholders.
    –Work collaboratively with designers, translators, authors, curators and publishers.

Requirements, Experience and Skills

–Bachelor, preferably Master’s Degree in English Language/Literature or Art History or similar field
–At least five years’ experience in an editorial role
–Experience editing non-native English (text translated from other languages)
–Experience with on-screen editing
–Experience in reviewing and editing texts related to museums, heritage, art and culture
–Experience working in a museum or art institution or in publishing
–Experience working in a fast-paced environment and handling a large volume of content
–Excellent writing skills and the ability to communicate in clear, concise prose
–Ability to work on a wide variety of topics and to quickly research new subject areas as required
–Knowledge of Arabic will be an advantage


Please send in your cover letter and resume to: