Social Media Community Specialist at USHMM

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum seeks a Social Media Community Specialist to create content for, update, monitor and moderate the Museum’s social media accounts.

The incumbent will:

Serve as a Social Media Specialist coordinating and integrating social media outreach and programming to extend the Museum’s digital outreach beyond the Museum’s Web site and engage multiple audiences using existing and emerging digital assets including, but not limited to social networking sites, file sharing sites, virtual worlds, SMS/mobile, podcasts, widgets, etc.

Create content for, update, monitor and moderate the Museum’s social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, etc.) on a daily basis. This activity should be geared to deepen engagement of audiences through these sites and for dissemination and discussion of Museum initiatives and content.

Coordinate production and distribution of content and programs via social media to support Museum initiatives across offices, divisions and branches. Ensure social media content reflects Museum priorities, strategic goals and messaging.

Consult with staff across divisions, recommend appropriate applications, and manage social media tools that support their programs and initiatives. Obtain input from Marketing leadership and other Digital professionals in support of the application and development of such projects.

Collect and analyze data on the performance of Museum social media. Synthesize data into meaningful audience engagement reports, integrate with the Museum’s digital marketing platform, where appropriate and recommend content based on trends identified through the data.

Lead the implementation and continual refinement of a social media policy for Museum staff, volunteers, and interns, and a strategic plan to use social media to stay connected with existing Museum audiences and reach new audiences. Research and identify appropriate social media technologies that best meet the needs for Museum programs and initiatives.

The position is open on USAJobs through December 29, 2014. For more information, contact Elissa Frankle.