Collections Database Programmer, University of Florida, Gainesville

The Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville Florida USA, is seeking a Database Programmer to develop applications using natural history collections and research data. Please see job posting at:

Become a part of the effort to digitize the nation’s biological collections! The Florida Museum of Natural History is seeking a programmer to develop applications related to natural history collections and research. This position will not only work on database projects supporting the Museum’s own collections, but will be tasked with ensuring our databases communicate with other data portals across the world. The increased access to natural history data will help researchers identify gaps in scientific knowledge and could assist government agencies and others making decisions related to climate change, conservation, invasive species, biodiversity and other biological issues. Help the Museum’s data move into the future by incorporating georeferenced mapping on the fly, high-resolution imaging and more.

Duties include but are not limited to:

1) Designs database schemas, and implements them in selected database backend software. Writes or modifies application code in selected language(s). creates or modifies graphical user interface(s). Documents code and schema data, creates end-user documentation and/or tutorials, and participates in end-user training.

2) Maintenance and enhancement to existing collection databases, and development of new database applications for Museum data.

3) Works with the desktop support team on specific projects in support of Museum end-users, particularly involving database-related issues.

4) Creation of shell scripts, development of input forms, or database programming or other programming, in a variety of different operating system and database environments.


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