Web and Mobile Content Specialist at Monticello

Web and Mobile Content Specialist (Temporary) [Position #547].    The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc. has a temporary position to assist with our Mountaintop Project.  Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Foundation is the private nonprofit organization that owns and operates Monticello, the home and plantation of Thomas Jefferson, as well as a museum and visitor center, library and academic center, and conference/education center, all to advance its mission of preservation and education.  Monticello annually attracts nearly 450,000 visitors onsite and more than 2 million web visitors.

The Foundation is seeking a Web and Mobile Content Specialist to work with its webmaster and other internal departments to create and update web pages and to support the development of a mobile app focusing on Mulberry Row, the principal plantation street at Monticello that was the center of work and domestic life for dozens of people.  The position’s work will be multi-disciplinary.  Responsibilities will range from day-to-day updating of the main monticello.org website to helping to plan, development and implement a Mulberry Row-focused mobile app.  Project timeline is early spring through late fall 2014.
Qualified candidates will have: Excellent communication, writing, and interpersonal skills.  Familiarity with web and mobile development, content management systems (such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress), and scripting languages.  An interest in user experience design and enthusiasm for American history.  Ability to assist colleagues in the use of a content management system and to maintain a flexible work schedule in order to meet adjusting deadlines.  Willingness and ability to collaborate with colleagues possessing a wide range of interests and expertise.  High energy level.  Bachelor’s degree.  Desire to work with a non-profit, cultural organization.   Applicants for this position must submit a cover letter, resume, and salary history by email to resumes@monticello.org, ATTN: Beth Lazen.  Candidates are highly encouraged to learn more about Monticello and the Mountaintop Project at www.monticello.org. Open until filled.