Web Consultant Postition at the Newseum

Project Description

The Web Consultant will assist the Newseum Education Department in planning for the redesign of the Newseum Digital Classroom. This multistep project entails working with the multimedia curriculum specialist to: review current architecture needs and capabilities; research potential solutions; write an RFP for a new platform vendor; and evaluate ensuing applications.


The Web Consultant will:

  • Review current Digital Classroom capabilities and user feedback
  • Conduct additional user experience research, as needed
  • Build a portfolio of websites with similar goals to the Digital Classroom’s, with detailed analyses of select outstanding examples
  • Assist with the RFP creation and vendor selection process
  • Conduct a cost-analysis of project options


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Project management skills in scoping, identifying risks, scheduling and execution of website upgrade and redesign projects
  • Experience working with museums (preferred) or other organizations in the informal education sector
  • Experience delivering projects that have created, maintained and extended complex websites that were:
    • scalable
    • multi-platform (web, mobile)
    • targeted to teachers and students
    • interactive
  • Extensive experience evaluating server and cloud-based systems based on
    • CMS/LMS
    • Cost
    • UI/UX
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Demonstrated experience with RFP creation, technology and infrastructure assessment
    • Current knowledge of and/or experience working with web design-build firms


In your proposal, please include a description of your experience with similar projects; an explanation of your work process; how you envision applying your process to this project; and a suggested timeline and budget.

Proposals are due by COB Friday, April 11, 2014.

Please submit your proposal to: akassinger@newseum.org.