Alexis Tindall
Atlas of Living Australia/ South Australian Museum

Since mid-2014 Alexis has been working as the Faunal Collections Community Coordinator for the Atlas of Living Australia. This role was created to facilitate communication between faunal collections data providers and the Atlas of Living Australia, and advance areas of common interest. It has also given the faunal collections community an opportunity to work closely with the herbaria collections community, who have established an equivalent role. rnThis complements Alexis' work as the Project Manager - Volunteer Digitisation at the South Australian Museum. In that role Alexis coordinates a program of internal and external volunteers to work on digitisation of the South Australian Museum's invaluable biological sciences collections. That team produces high resolution photographs of high research value specimens from the entomology and other collections, and is making progress on databasing of their vast marine invertebrates collections, with the help of online volunteers through the crowdsourcing portal DigiVol.