Andrew Milne
Founder, CEO
bv02 Inc.

For over a decade, Andrew has rejuvenated marketing and business communications, working almost exclusively with the Internet and digital technologies. A sought-after web strategist and designer, Andrew has extensive experience in the design, execution and management of integrated marketing and branding solutions for organizations across Canada.

His award-winning work has provided strategic direction and driven sales for a wide array of clients including: the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature as well as the Canadian Heritage Information Network.

Andrew�s strong communication skills with all levels of clients and all forms of media make him a nationally sought-after keynote speaker, appearing at events on e-business strategies, with regular appearances on television and radio.

By day, Andrew is a highly talented designer bringing life to the web and new media. By night, he�s a family man and outdoor enthusiast. With his finger on the pulse of the latest technologies, Andrew blends creativity with a keen understanding of the industry and a passion for pushing the boundaries.