Anika Kronberger
Designer and Content strategist
FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Deisgn and Communication, Graz, Austria

I am designer, content strategist and lecturer. My work include research, ideation, interaction design, user experience design, visual design, content strategy and exhibition design. My clients come from the fields of art and culture, museums, education and non-profit organisations.

I am researcher and lecturer at the FH JOANNEUM at the Institute of Design and Communication in Graz where I am also leading the interaction design specialization in the information design program. My research interests and areas of activity include information design in media production and interactive spaces, user experience design, content strategy, mixed reality, and game-based learning. I am a member of the art and technology collective monochrom and co-host of the artist run workspace Atelier Schillerstrasse.