Nathan Peterson
VP of Marketing
Area360 (STQRY)

Nathan is an entrepreneurial and energetic marketing and business development leader who builds and executes award winning programs that drive business results. Nathan built his first successful startup shortly after graduating from the University of Washington in 2008. After selling his shares in the company, he went to work for Microsoft until 2011 when he was recruited to build and grow T-Mobile's social media marketing and communications platform. During his tenor with team Magenta, Nathan grew the program to new heights, being named the top company in social media marketing by JD Power in 2013. Nathan pioneered a strategic partnership with Facebook that lead to a break through ROI case study called "Mobile Outcome Measurement" which was featured at AdWeek2013. In January of 2014, Nathan made a progressive and entrepreneurial decision to join the emerging cannabis industry as the head of marketing for Privateer Holdings, the first private equity firm in the space. During his tenor, the company (Leafly) grew revenue 240%, increased app downloads by 2M, and won three major awards for marketing and communications, including GeekWire's 2014 App of the Year, and a Silver Anvil Award for the first ever full page cannabis ad placed in the New York Times, a global story that reached nearly 400 million people. Chris Smith and Nathan had spent years working together on side entrepreneurial plans and in 2015 Chris recruited Nathan to build a and run a world class marketing team for Area360. Nathan is a basketball junkie, mountain biking wannabe, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.