Federica Pascotto
Art Stories. Engaging kids in art and culture

Art Stories is a digital education project on heritage. rnIts addresses families with kids and it has started from Italy: Italy hosts 60% of world heritage, but coping with such richness is not an easy task, especially if you are travelling with children. Art Stories takes children by hand and helps them discovering the beauty of Italian cities, in a new and contemporary way.rnWe address children because heritage belongs to them. That is why we have designed a unique app for children, displaying well written stories, original illustrations, games, funny interactions (witth no stress) and charming voices.rnEach app has three options: a quick tour (only few points of interest), a detailed tour (with a wider selection of points of interest), a narrative tour (where heritage comes to life thanks to storytelling, engaging emotions as well). rnEach point speaks for its own: characters tell their point of view, places do the same, architectural features have also their own say… each element comes to life and makes the past alive. rnArt Stories has so far released the first two issues, one on the Sforza Castle in Milan and one on the Duomo of Milano (The focus is on Milan due to Expo2015, opening there on May 1st), both on sale on the app store. rnArt Stories is made by Giovanna Hirsch – consultant in public policies, local and urban development – and Federica Pascotto – museum consultant in Education and Cultural Mediation. rnThe encounter of education, heritage, and urban development made us look for a tool to enhance cultural knowledge and support urban marketing. rnIt is all made by a team of Italian professionals from the fields of creativity and arts, working from various places: two are in Milan, the illustrator in Urbino, the developers in Verona and Cento, the translator in Venice, the actors in Torino, and the sound editor in Berlin. rn