Chet Gold
Security Officer/Artist
Museum of Modern Art

Chet Gold is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the Bronx. His primary artistic focus has centered on painting and the art of rapping since the age of 11. After studying at "Fame" (LaGuardia High School of Art and Performing Arts), where he majored in art, he went on to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, receiving his BFA in fine arts with a focus on illustration. His employment as a security supervisor at the MoMA is framed as a “residency,” which allows him to use art, and in particular his art, as a way to love and support himself. Gold works with gold paint on mirrors, which acts as a visual affirmation. “I see myself in love, while challenging myself to live in my highest form. Being Gold is about being honest, in relation to my word, and with intentional actions to live a high integrity life no matter what I do.”