David Lipsey

David H. Lipsey is one of the Founders and leaders of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) field. He is an innovator in defining – and redefining - DAM and its central relationship to organizational strategy, rights, outreach and growth - always with a focus on GLAM. David has worked internationally to create value from digital assets and setting in place the organizational and strategic processes to achieve return on initiative as well as investment. David’s twenty years of work in DAM informs a deep experience in a diversity of both private and public sectors as well as content “types” – broadcast, studio, video, audio, print, images, graphics, CAD, aesthetic, medical, and software (gaming) assets. He is unusually well versed in the deployment of DAM for creative, archival, production, marketing, brand, web, licensing, Board management, customer service and dozens of other uses for DAM. He is currently serving in his eighteenth year as Global Chair of the international DAM Conferences known as “The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media”; he was the founding President of the DAM Foundation and served as its Chair; he is a principal co-author of the Digital Asset Management Capability Model, and a sought-after speaker in DAM. He maintains expert level knowledge of the field at large, the vendor community, and most of all – how to make DAM accelerate organizational goals which it must support.rn