Devin Reese
Science Content Developer
Smithsonian Institution

Devin Reese is a digital science content developer at the National Museum of Natural History. She develops webcast scripts, media, blogs, topic pages, teacher resource pages, and other content for Q?rius (see She loves to explore ways to make authentic science accessible to teens and other consumers of museum education. Her specialty is conveying the depth and richness of science practice and concepts in a way that is engaging and accurate.rnrnDevin has a degree in Animal Behavior (Ethology) from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from U.C. Berkeley. She completed a Science and Diplomacy Postdoc with USAID, working on natural resource issues in a variety of countries in southern Africa and Central America. She has been with the Smithsonian Institution for about ten years after coming home to where she was raised in the D.C. area. When not batting around ideas for science education in the Natural History Museum, she can be found raising her three children.