Fang-yin Lin

Fang-Yin Lin
President, Bright Ideas Design Co., Ltd.
Curator of the “Yuan Ming Yuan: The Qing Emperors’ Splendid Gardens” Exhibit

She is the president of Bright Ideas Design, a
multimedia and animation production company in
Taiwan. For years, Bright Ideas has provided innovative
use of animation and technology in education and exhibit context including projects for the National Palace Museum, National Museum of Natural Science, and cultural institutions in China. She has Art History and Chinese Literature background, her company won the Grand Prix Award at F@imp 2004, and MUSE Awards since 2007.

An Introduction to Bright Ideas Design Co. Ltd.
 The first company in Taiwan to receive several awards from the International Committee for Audio-visual, Images and Sound New Technologies (AVICOM) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
 The first company in Taiwan to be invited by the American Association of Museums (AAM) to present at its annual meeting animations for museum application (2005)
 The first company in Taiwan to receive a Muse Award at the annual AAM meeting (2007)
 The first company in Taiwan to simultaneously receive major awards for digital content from museums in Europe, America, and Japan (since 2002)
 Long-term partner in promoting digitization and international efforts at the National Palace Museum (Taipei)
 Awarded authorization to develop the Old Summer Palace brand project (2011)
 The first company in Taiwan to successfully initiate and engage in cooperative talks with the Victoria and Albert Museum in England (2012)
 Received a Ministry of Economics First National Industry Innovation Award in the category of “Creativity in Arts and Entertainment” (2011)
 Company founder Ms. Fang-Yin Lin was awarded “Venture Model” by the Youth Career Development Association in 2012.