Haitham Eid
Associate Professor/Director
Southern University at New Orleans

Haitham Eid is an Assistant Professor of Museum Studies and the Director of the Master of Arts in Museum Studies Program at Southern University at New Orleans. Dr. Eid specializes in museum innovation models. His research investigates the conceptualization of innovation and enterprise in the museum context, an area that continues to be under-theorized. Drawing upon theories from museology, business studies and technology literature, his research seeks to contribute towards building a museum perspective of innovation and possible ways to appropriately embed it in museum practice. He argues that formulation of such perspective could greatly influence how we perceive some existing museum theories that deal with sustainability, organizational change, efficiency and social responsibility. Dr. Eid is the founder of the Museum Innovation Model (MIM), a framework that helps museum to innovate through the use of open innovation strategies, social enterprise business model, and the concept of social innovation.

Eid has served on a various conference and workshop program committees. He currently serves on the 2016 MCN Conference Planning Committee. Eid also directs New Orleans Art Institute for Social Innovation, a professional development workshop for artists. The institute is supported by a generous grant from Joan Mitchell Foundation.