In Dae Hwang
Monash University

Dr Indae Hwang is a Melbourne-based interactive artist and designer, researcher and lecturer in the department of Design at Monash University.rnrnBefore commencing his academic career at Monash, Indae Hwang worked as an art director for Pentabreed, a design firm based in Korea, for four years. His main interest has been to design meaningful user experiences with new emergence of digital technologies. His interests have been reflected in diverse commercial works with leading companies of the industry in Korea, such as Samsung and LG.rnrnHwang's interest in user experiences and newly emerging digital technologies has been extended on his doctoral research and current interactive artworks. Hwang's research interests focus on critical reflections on the relationship with emerging digital technologies through the form of interactive arts. By doing so, he argues the significant role of our critical reflections in embracing the recent emergence of digital technologies into our contemporary techno-society.rnrnAlong with the research activities, Hwang teaches User Experience and Interactive Design. His teaching focuses on helping students with utilising newly emerging media technologies in order to design rich user experiences in their design works.