Joe Baskerville

Joe is a creative technologist who works at a high level in many areas of Cogapp.

As a senior member of the Tech Department he helps push forward in areas such as:

- Dev Ops: Continuous integration, Automated deployment, Test Driven Development
- HTML5: Complex Javascript driven webs apps, WebGL
- Mobile App development: both native and hybrid, Android and iOS.

He also explores emerging technologies and how they can be utilised in future work, such as possibilities for internal wayfinding and embedded technology.

A Certified Scrum Master he is responsible for managing several projects within the company and is always looking to improve our Agile working practices.

And he works very closely with, and manages, Cogapp's excellent Design department, helping to reduce the boundaries between our three craft departments, UX, Tech and Design, and maximise opportunities for all disciplines to explore ideas and prototype possibilities.

Joe is a Dad, keen cyclist and massive bread geek.