Kate Haley Goldman

Kate Haley Goldman is a planner, strategist, and evaluator with more than 25 years experience. She works with a broad range of museums, libraries, historical societies, large science centers, small nature centers, amateur clubs, organizations, and other like-minded institutions. With experience in interpretive planning, prototyping, exhibition evaluation, projects, and complex content, she has deep expertise in the field of informal learning. She has directed projects both in the US and abroad, including visitor journeys, interpretive plans, exhibitions, novel data visualization systems, and digital storytelling. rnrnKate’s work focuses on strategic goal setting, participatory design, stakeholder feedback, and impact evaluation. Her clients say she has a talent for taking in information from a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders and distilling that information coherent next-steps and calls to action. Kate is passionate about using evidence, connecting the dots between impact and outcomes, and ensuring that future goals and aspirations of the programs are met. rn