Klaoudia Marsella Restrepo Lopez

Klaoudia Marsella is currently finishing her Master in "Museum Studies" at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.rn In 2018, along with her colleague, Dimitra Petousi, she participated in the development of a digital interactive experience for the Criminology Museum, a project financed by ATHENA, directed by Dr. Vivi Katifori and supported by other experts of the IT Department. rn She is now, also attending a "Digital Skills for Museum Professional" course run by MuSa,MOOC, as she is convinced that ICT technology is the most important instrument Museums may have for constructing a viable future.rn In 2009, she took her degree at the School of Philosophy (Athens, Greece), Department of History and Archaeology & History of Art, in the same University of her Master studiesrn One of her very special interests is Byzantine Icon and Mural artistic painting. After 1992 and a 7 year trajectory as an apprentice, she establish herself and her work, among other painters who enrich private altars, parish churches and monasteries. rn In 2014, she took a certificate in Pedagogy for Higher Education at the University of Santo Tomas (Bogota, Colombia, SA).rn Back in the 80s, in Colombia SA, her birth place, she studied and took her degree at the School of Law and Political Sciences, University of Santo Tomas. The most rewarding fruit of this firsts academic endeavors was having her academic Juris Doctore' s thesis published in the capital, Bogota, by the Editorial Temis. Part of the thesis consisted of a translation from Greek language into Spanish. The book was a brief yet concise history of "La Idea de la Paz" (also its title), by the Greek academic professor and writer, Paris Varvaroussis. The book had contributed to the debate on the historic development of Peace as a conscious choice, a topic which was then and still is of tremendous importance for her home country. rn In 1984, at the age of 24, she moved to Greece, where she some years later, was adopted as a citizen. rn In several occasions, she worked with NGO and Monastic Institutions communicating several aspects of Greek culture, while celebrating it and being deeply influenced by it.rnrn