Natalie Gordon

Natalie Gordon (Leandra Kohnke in SL) is a retired scientist from Manitoba Canada who has a BSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Human Genetics and twenty something peer reviewed scientific publications. She is coauthor of one popular science book, Embryogenesis Explained. Her professional activities before retirement included patient counseling, wet bench genetic lab work, and statistical analysis of large databases from both a genetic and public health perspective. She hosted a seminar series given by Wayne State University in Michigan offering a weekly seminar series in Embryogenesis at the graduate level. The series was aimed at nonbiologists interested in tackling problems in embryology using tools of physics and engineering. The program had three successful years and involved dozens of scientists from all over the world. In Second Life she presently enjoys just playing, as well as volunteering with Virtual Ability where she has taken part in a variety of programs, most recently See Yourself Healthy which provides support and information for improving life for diabetics.