Invasioni Digitali

‘Invasioni Digitali’ (Digital Invasions) are mobs of people who support Italy's museums and cultural heritage by 'invading' them and then documenting the experience on blogs and social media.rnEach ‘invasion’ is meant to create new forms of conversation about arts and culture, and to transform Italy's heritage intornsomething that is 'open, welcoming and innovative.'rnThe Digital Invasion' project is all about co-creating and nurture cultural value through proactive participation of visitors into the museums' communication life-cycle. It is characterized by a fully bottom-up approach, where people organizernindependently single events all around the country during a given time frame (the very first edition was held on april 20 - 28, 2013). Social and digital communication are key to the 'invasions': 'invaders’ are bloggers, archeology amateurs, photographers, Instagramers, historians, communication experts, but also people with the most varied backgrounds. rnAll of them boast a real passion for their country and its unique heritage, and own well established social media accounts!rnInspired by a contingency, Invasioni Digitali aims now to become a sort of 'territorial lab' for new social and digitalrncommunication products and models, and a tool to enhance both visitor's experience and the museum/cultural site performance.