Mieczyslaw Bielawski

Mieczysław Bielawski –rnborn 16.02.1973 rn1989-1994 Master of Arts, Jageillonian Univesity - studies of Comparative History of Religion, final thesis on Vedanta Philosophy - Upanishads.rn1994-1998 - Period of traveling; India, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Middle-East, writing articles for various magazines.rn1998-2000 - Photographer and producer in NYC.rn2001-2015 Creative director and President of ARTFM ( years - working for commercial clients in Europe and USA both as creative director or producer.rn(SONY, LEXUS, IKEA, STATOIL, AIG, ESPN, MTV)rnSince 6 years producer and inventor of multimedia artistic installations for Museums, Science Centres, creating story for spaces - Exhibitions.rn2009 - Responsible for writing narrative scenario of first multimedia exhibition in Cracow, Poland. This 17 mln Euro project is so far that largest archeological multimedia exhibition in Europe. rnProducer of Cracov Chronicles, 120 min movie about the history of the city with 3d reconstruction of the site.rn 2011 - concept author for 3d animation about the Copernicus Discovery.rn2012-2015- Working on new, multimedia exhibition called HYDROPOLIS dedicated to the substance of Water. Exhinbit contains more than 180 multimedia spots. Includin 360 degree panorama with breathtaking movie taking us through time to the begining of everything to find out why water is so special.rn