Shaun Foster

Shaun Foster is focused on multimedia in the truest sense of the word. An award winning visual artist, he has done work in 3D animation, educational interactive multimedia, visual effects, compositing, video and business. This broad range of interests is focused by an underlying interest in how all of these technologies work together and how they are affected by underlying tools and technology.

With an Undergraduate degree in Marketing Management with a specialization in International Business, Foster worked 3 years on a successful financial team at Merrill Lynch. Pursuing his love of digital visual media led him to leave finance and obtain a Masters Degree in 3D Animation with a specialization in Interactive Media. After graduate school he became Manager and Lead FX Animator at 4D Productions a production studio in Central NY owned by the Oneida Indian Nation. Foster has done award winning work developing two educational interactive Kiosks for Children’s Exhibits at Museums, compositing and 3D animation for national TV and recently helped to create the animated short “Raccoon and Crawfish” based on the Iroquois legend. Foster is currently teaching at RIT (The Rochester Institute of Technology) and also working towards staring his own Multimedia Studio.