Sara Weber

Sara's passion is to create innovations focused on making a difference for the end user. In her current role she leads a team to create 3D Immersive experiences to help clients understand the potential of what they could do with Watson Health to make a difference. Each story is told by an Experience Leader who interacts with elements in the room created by her team. Through the story they show how Watson can be a partner with the client to help them reach their goals faster and more confidently. Her work involves understanding the health business and product offerings in the targeted market segment, then creating a compelling story script and experience elements. Sara leads both the design and software development effort.rnrnSara is a Design Thinking advocate and loves working with teams to help them use this technique to determine the best path forward. rnrnShe was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology in 2011 and Academy Leadership Team (ALT) in 2012. She is part of the Core ALT team co-leading the Affiliate Program supporting 50 affiliates located around the world.rnrnBefore joining IBM, Sara worked in various software design and management roles concentrating on simplifying end user applications and systems. Sara graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.