Ludovico Solima

Ludovico Solima began his route in museum management studies in 1996 from a business administration background, after a degree in Economics at the University of Naples Federico II and a PhD at the University of Venice.rnAt the moment, he is Professor of Cultural organizations management at the Second University of Naples; he is the author of the books "La gestione imprenditoriale dei musei" (Padova 1998), "Il pubblico dei musei" (Roma 2000), "L'impresa culturale" (Roma 2004), "Culture e territori" (Roma 2007), with N.Barrella "Musei da svelare" (Napoli 2011), "Il museo in ascolto (Soveria Mannelli 2012), with A. Bollo "I musei e le imprese" (Napoli 2002) and he has edited "Rapporto sull'economia dei beni culturali in Campania" (Milano 2006). Since 1996, he has been involved in theoretical studies - through the publication of books and articles - and field research on behalf of Public Institutions, especially in marketing and visitor behaviour issues. Besides academic activity, he usually teaches in several national and international courses and takes part in many conferences and workshops.