Jillian Domenici
Principal/Director of Strategy
Trivium Interactive LLC

Jillian is one of the founding members of Trivium Interactive LLC, a women-owned media design and production studio located in Boston, MA. Prior to founding Trivium Interactive, she was the Director of Business Development for another media firm and was also an Interpretive Planner and Project Manager for an experiential design firm. One of her passions is combining her love of the history of art with her daily work in designing emotional and engaging interactive experiences. She enjoys working with her team to create instances where people can find relevant connections to the topic at hand, particularly history, art, architecture and design. As an interpretive planner specializing in multimedia, she guides overall storyline development, always ensuring the main message of the experience is kept in the forefront of the media design team’s mind. She also seeks out and identifies new and exciting opportunities for Trivium Interactive, often building and stengthening relationships with other designers, fabricators, and creative agencies.