Ken Eklund

Game and experience designer Ken Eklund creates authentic fiction, “immersive stories that want to write themselves,” and explores real-world issues through collaborative play. He works on socially relevant games for museums, cultural institutions, government agencies, and public media. In his games people immerse themselves in exploring “what if?” and have fun working together to imagine positive solutions and action.

Ken is known for creating the award-winning WORLD WITHOUT OIL, the groundbreaking collective imagining of our next oil shock, GISKIN ANOMALY, the cellphone adventure for museums in Balboa Park, and other games exploring education reform, world peace as an unstoppable meme, and “thoughtful flashmobbing.” He was Community Lead for EVOKE, the innovative social entrepreneurship initiative that won the Games For Change Direct Impact Award in 2011. In 2014, he created FUTURECOAST, exploring climate change through voicemails leaked from possible futures, with Sara Thacher as producer, in partnership with the PoLAR group at Columbia University, and ran RUINATION: CITY OF DUST, an urban game about deepening community stewardship of water resources, with Northern Lights, an arts group in Minneapolis. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.