Soojung Yi

Soojung YI was born in Busan. Graduated from the Seoul National University majoring inrnAesthetics.YI had beeb working as a curator in media art since 2001. She curated "DigitalrnParadise"(2005), "Hitchhikers to the Galaxy(2009)", and "Drawing in Technological Era" in DaejeonrnMuseum of Art.She curated "Lay Artists" at Art Center Nabi which focuses on the social engagementrnof media practice in Korea(2012) and related symposium on the cultural creatives who are changingrnsociety with digital media.Currently she is working as a curator in the National Museum of Modern andrnContemporary Art, Korea. Main project includes Younghae Chang Heavy Industries(2013), ThernFuture is Now!(2013-2014), Infinite Challenge(2014), Shirin Nesaht(2014).