Adriano Venturini

Adriano Venturini is manager and co-founder of ECTRL Solutions, a company specialized in providing and developing web and mobile technologies for the tourism sector. ECTRL is particularly focused on the development of recommendation technologies, to deliver personalized experiences and contents to the user. ECTRL Solutions develops Suggesto® for Travel, a technology that support the user to search and select interesting products in a personalized way and support tourist and cultural organizations to promote and commercialize their products on the web and on mobile devices.
Adriano Venturini is 15 year experienced in the design and development of last generation portals for tourist destinations and private organizations, addressing issues like data and service integration, personalization in context, deployment on production environment, and monitoring the user experience. He is author of several papers published on the proceedings of specialized scientific conferences and on specific journals. His research interests are in the area of contextual recommendation, software architecture applied to the web and to mobile environment, and data integration technologies.