Alan Wecker
Doctorial Candidate
Haifa University

Alan Wecker is presently a Doctorial Candidate at the Information Systems department and associated with the Caesarea Rothchild Insitute for Interdisciplinary Applications; of Computer Science, both at Haifa University. His thesis topic is lifelong user models for cultural heritage.
In 2009 he was awarded ACM Senior Member Status and in 2012 received the Uri N. Peled award for interdisciplinary applications of computer science.
Prior to that he was a prize winning researcher at the IBM Haifa Research Labs from 1983-2008; where he led numerous projects, wrote papers, and produced patents
Alan received his A.B. degree in mathematics from Princeton University in 1982 and an MSc in Information Systems from Haifa University in 2012 with a thesis topic of Indoor Navigation in Museums using Shared Displays