Anna Maria Antonini

Currently Ph.D. candidate in Preservation of the architectural heritage at Politecnico di Milano, Anna Antonini took her Master of Art in 2010 in Roman Archaeology, with the highest honors at Università Cattolica di Milano.rnShe studies Romans’ building techniques since 2007, the year of her bachelor with a thesis on building techniques and natural environment in Eporedia. During her MA she started studying the use of wood in roman construction with a thesis titled “The use of wood in construction in Mediolanum“, supervisor Prof. Mariavittoria Antico Gallina.rnShe started working at Raccolte Extraeuropee del Castello Sforzesco in 2009 as curator assistant for fund raising, exhibition planning and public relations.rnIn 2012 she managed the start-up of "Archeowiki", a project for the enhancement of archaeological heritage trough Wikipedia in Lombardia, granted by Fondazione Cariplo