Bruce Peterson
Grande Experiences

Bruce is the visionary leader behind the creation of all the exhibitions and experiences at Grande Experiences. He lived in Italy for 12 months with his family to fund and develop the now very successful international collection of Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions (4 different exhibitions on Leonardo). His mantra has always been to take art, culture, history and science to the people, ensuring they are engaging and accessible to everyone, regardless of where the audiences reside. Bruce with his team was the first to capture the full genius of Leonardo da Vinci under one roof; redefined how art is digitally presented to the world with notably Van Gogh Alive and Monet & Friends; developed the world’s only large-scale out-of-water shark experience; expanded storytelling to a whole new scale with Alice – A Wonderland Adventure. More recently Bruce has led the development of THE LUME series of Permanent Multi-Sensory Digital Art Galleries.