Dante Bartoli
Gruppo Archeologico Ambrosiano

Born in Milan (Italy), where he studied Classical Literature at the Università Statale degli Studi, Dr. Bartoli received his degree in Classical Archaeology in 1999 , with a B.A. thesis on the pottery production of Magna Graecia. After moving to the US, he earned his doctorate at the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University in 2008, with a dissertation on the Roman marble trade. His research focused upon the archaeological remains of the Punta Scifo A shipwreck, a Roman Imperial marble carrier sunk in the sea of Croton (Calabria, Italy), that he mapped during two seasons of field work. He has directed, or actively assisted in, several underwater research projects sponsored by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Portugal, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Since 2003, Dr. Bartoli has co-directed, jointly with representatives of the Italian Fine Arts Bureau, yearly underwater archaeological survey campaigns and historical research, mostly in southern Italy, but also in Latium and Tuscany. Dr. Bartoli's research interests include the Graeco-Roman world in the Mediterranean, with a special emphasis on Greek colonization in the West, Greek and Roman seafaring, and the marble and stone trade in antiquity.