Emanuele Di Rosa

Emanuele Di Rosa works in ETT S.p.A. as a researcher and expert in design and development of software in the New-media technologies sector. rnHe holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, his research interests focus on artificial intelligence and software engineering, and was a visiting researcher at the Cork Constraint Research Centre (University College Cork). He participated at the 1st International Virtual Heritage School organised by leading European institutions in the field of Virtual Heritage and Virtual Museums (V-MUST.NET) in cooperation with the main worldwide organisation on conservation and restoration (ICCROM).rnHe has gained several years of experience in design and development of applications in the New-media and Mobile environment applied to the museum sector and territorial valorisation. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of platform features, complex Web based architectures, techniques of object oriented software development and social networking. His experience includes the ability to evaluate suitability of different methods of application development in the promotion and enjoyment of archaeological heritage, museum exhibits and territories. rn