Erica Lee

Erica Lee is an art historian and working in the international collaboration field for Bright Ideas, a museum consultancy and digital exhibition design and installation company in Taiwan. She has been participating the curation work for the digital exhibitions for the National Palace Museum since 2004 and her recent projects includes the Yuan Ming Yuan - Qing Emperors' Splendid Gardens of the Old Summer Palace and the Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700-1900 of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The presentation will showcase Bright Ideas' immersive, multimedia exhibit this year in Taipei.: “Yuan Ming Yuan: The Qing Emperors’ Splendid Gardens” represents the first part of the “Three Hills and Five Gardens” international traveling exhibit.

Established in 1999, "Bright Ideas Design" is one of the finest digital content development companies in Taiwan. For years, it has been endeavoring in combining art and humanities with digital technology. Engaging in the development of multimedia and animation titles with creative ideas and humanistic touch, Bright ideas attempts to show you the beauty of art and humanity.rnrnSince it founded in 1999, Bright Ideas Design has been persistently promoting arts and culture and developing original IP series, specializing in novel and energetic technological languages and designs. Through the reinterpretation of cultural connotations with entertainment technology, such as multimedia, animation, games, virtual reality and more, it introduces intangible cultural heritage into fashionable design trends. It has won many international awards including the Grand Prix AVICOM and MUSE AWARD from the International Council of Museums and AAM. Bright Ideas Design is considered as one of the most promising and earnest production team in the world.