giovanni gasbarrone
Industry Marketing Manager
Telecom Italia

Giovanni Gasbarrone received a master degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, gained post-graduate study programs in Telecommunications, and in Marketing and Strategic Planning from Bocconi SDA. After being promoted to Lieutenant Engineering Corp he joined Telecom Italia as an engineer, working on research activities in R&D department . In 1999 he has been appointed Project Manager for “Fixed - Mobile Convergence" projects in Austria (Telecom Italia, Mobilkom and PTA Austria). Since 2000 he is an active member of Wireless-World-Research Forum (WWRF). In 2001 he has been in charge of strategies in the Marketing department (Business Division). Since 2002 his activities in Market strategies were mainly related to Innovation projects in wireless broadband area (e.g. WiFi and mobile) and fixed mobile convergence services. In recent years innovative projects are being developed in Public Sector Market related to Smart Cities and Defense Technology Area ( Software Platforms and infrastructures). He was a speaker on Cultural Heritage in international conferences rn He was a speaker on innovation in wireless services ( in WWRF international events ; LTE -WiMax world summit ) and Vertical Markets ( conferences on Travel Industry & Cultural Heritage : e.g, "EVA Florence" and LUBEC) . rn His current job position is "Industry Marketing Products Manager" in Top Clients & Public Sector.rn