George Oates
Good, Form & Spectacle

George has been working on the web since 1996 in roles like designer, producer, product manager, project lead, and art director. Her particular skills lie in designing interfaces people love, quickly understanding complex systems, analyzing workflows, challenging status quo by asking why a lot, and making people feel comfortable with and excited about change.rnrnShe has worked on some amazing projects since 1996, when her career really began after a short series of temporary jobs like bike courier, bakery assistant, and sandwich maker. George was the lead designer of Flickr from its inception until she changed gears in 2007 to invent the Flickr Commons program, created to help public institutions share their photography collections on Flickr, and in which the Library of Congress was the launch partner. She's worked at the non-profit Internet Archive, as project lead for a remarkable editable library catalog called Open Library. She designed the system to allow people to borrow eBooks, one of the first of its kind online. As art director at Stamen Design, George worked with clients like Facebook, Google, the Parks Conservancy and MTV/Viacom on various data visualization and mapping projects.rnrnShe is now director of her own design firm in London called Good, Form & Spectacle, and has made a series of digital R&D projects with Netflix, V&A and British Museum metadata, as well as working with clients like Historypin, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Tech for Good, and The Wellcome Trust.