Hilary McVicker
vp, sales and marketing
The Elumenati

Hilary McVicker is Communicatrix at The Elumenati – a title that would translate to VP of Sales and Marketing at most companies. The Elumenati are thought leaders in the field of immersive projection design, creating innovative applications in education, enterprise and entertainment. Partners and clients range from NASA and NOAA to Dreamworks and Deloitte. Hilary has managed collaborative projects for The Elumenati with leading museums from the California Academy of Sciences to the American Museum of Natural History, with a focus on incorporating technology to create transformative learning experiences. She's especially proud of The Elumenati's contribution to projects that inspire ecological literacy. An early background in communications and new media led to several years in the game industry. With a perspective gained from working with game industry leaders, innovators and groundbreakers, she joined The Elumenati in 2008 as the next step in a career focused on the business of interactive technologies and their meaningful application.