hongliang Wu
Art museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy

Wu HongliangrnDirector of Beijing Fine Art Institution’s Art MuseumrnDirector of Qi Baishi Memorial MuseumrnGeneral Secretary of Qi Baishi’s Art International Research CenterrnCommittee Member of Beijing Artists AssociationrnCommittee Member of China Sculpture Institutern rn rn2003 Participated in the curation of Qi Baishi’s Special Exhibition Beijing International Biennale.rn2007 Curation of Opening Exhibition of National Centre of the Performing Artsrn2007 to 2008 Project of Hundred Sculptures for Beijing Olympic Games, the sculptures are located in the Olympic Game Centerrn2008 Participated in the multimedia part of Olympic Games’ openingrnSince 2007 more than 20 exhibitions of Series Exhibitions of 20th Century Chinese Art Masters, including curation, publishing and researchrn2010 the exhibition of Qi Baishi’s Paintings from Beijing Fine Art Institution’s Collection, the exhibition was awarded by Ministry of Culture of China.rn2011 Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Institution was awarded as National Important Museum by Ministry of Culture of China.rn2012 curated the exhibition of Discovery Jiang Zhaohe’s Artrn2013 curated the exhibition of Gradualness Young Artists Research Exhibition