Jonathan Amakawa
Assistant Professor
Fitchburg State University

Jon Amakawa is a 3D artist who specializes in creating interactive museum exhibits and educational media. His work integrates sculpture, drawing, architecture and animation in a virtual environment. Jon’s recent work includes a permanent virtual reality installation on the Underground Railroad at Pitts­burgh’s Heinz History Center. The exhibit was funded by a grant from the US Department of Education and opened in early 2013. He is currently working with the the United States National Park Service’s Network to Freedom Program and the Illinois State Museum to create an App that allows visitors to walk through New Philadelphia, view reconstructed historical buildings placed in their original locations and learn about the history of a lost 19th Century American frontier community. As an undergraduate, Jon studied history and fine arts at Vassar College. He later completed a graduate degree in interactive design at Carnegie Mellon University. Jon has a particular interest in exploring the artistic possibilities for video game media, especially in presenting historical subject matter. In addition to creating virtual reality art pieces, Jon is an Assistant Professor in Game Design at Fitchburg State University.