John Turner
Senior Manager of Museum Technology
University of Michigan Museum of Art

I have been playing cat and mouse with technology since birth. Inspired by my grandfather who worked for Heathkit and surrounded by unassembled electronics, cameras, and Lionel Trains, I began my lifelong fascination with gadgets after being electrocuted at an early age. Now after four decades and surviving subsequent brushes with loose electrons, I have lost my hair and have been working with technology within the museum world for the past 16 years starting in San Francisco at the premiere hands-on-science museum, the Exploratorium in 2001. After serving as the primary technical contact with research partners at Intel Labs, HP Labs and the Concord Consortium for multiple museum handheld and RFID research projects, I left the Bay Area to circumnavigate the globe with my wife before we landed in Ann Arbor to raise our family. Working in multiple technical capacities at the University of Michigan Museum of Art since 2006, I currently manage all aspects of the museum that can be rendered on a screen or plugged in.