Robert Costello
National Outreach Program Manager
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Robert uses his science, liberal arts and technology backgrounds to create learning experiences about nature and science. He works on developing mobile and digital strategy and applications. A sample of project activities include the mobile apps Skin & Bones and MEanderthal, websites for the Smithsonian's Human Origins program, the Webcomic, A Secret in the Cellar, a website of camera trapping images, Smithsonian WILD and the cyberinfrastructure for a large-scale, big data citizen science project known as eMammal. His publications cut across science education, visual literacy, storytelling, citizen science and evolutionary biology. In press and review are papers on science and art, citizen science and technology, and coyotes and domestic cats. Robert learned to trust technology while working 1,000 meters below the ocean’s surface in the North Atlantic. On warm days he enjoys riding a beautiful piece of technology, a 40 year-old road bike.