Kyle Jaebker

Kyle is the Director of the IMA Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is responsible for managing all digital projects for the IMA and their external clients. Kyle’s work spans from web and on-site interactives to mobile. While at the IMA, Kyle has used his background in software development and leadership to work with the IMA Lab team in building technology solutions for a variety of museum projects. This includes an integral role in the development and management of the OSCI Toolkit grant to create an online catalogue toolset, the Tap & TourML grant for developing a tour data specification and toolset, the IMA website and in-gallery interactives. Additionally, Kyle has played a major role in growing the IMA Lab to not only support the IMA technology needs, but also to support other cultural institutions though consulting. Kyle has a real passion for using open source tools and the latest technologies to solve complex problems for both the IMA and the museum community at large.