Kimon Keramidas
Assistant Professor and Director of the Digital Media Lab
Bard Graduate Center

As Assistant Professor and Director of the Digital Media Lab at the Bard Graduate Center, Kimon is responsible for the development and implementation of digital media practices across academic programs. He strategizes the software and hardware needs of the lab, and works with faculty and students to effectively incorporate interactive technology into pedagogical practice and student projects. In addition, Kimon helps shape the digital aspects of the BGC's journal and monograph series, and directs the development of all digital media for the BGC's Focus Gallery exhibitions.

Kimon is currently working on two projects. The first is an exhibition titled The Interface Experience: Forty Years of Personal Computing that considers the role of interface experience in daily life and challenges the representation of the history of personal computing in traditional museum settings. The exhibition is accompanied by a book titled The Interface Experience: A User's Guide, which looks at the history of the term interface and major changes in the design of personal computing devices, and proposes a new mode for displaying computers in museums. The second project is a book that looks at the role of intellectual property laws in contemporary American theatrical production, particularly as they pertain to the integration of theatre into a larger corporate-dominated media landscape

Kimon received his PhD in Theatre from the CUNY Graduate Center where he also completed the CUNY Graduate Center's Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. His research focuses on the study of media through the lenses of political economy and sociology of culture and the integration of interactive technology into pedagogy and scholarly publication. Kimon has taught courses in interface design, media and materiality, artifacts in the age of new media, digital information fluency, theatre design, and performance at the Bard Graduate Center, Marymount Manhattan College, the CUNY Online Baccalaureate, and The Cooper Union, and has been active in the CUNY Graduate Center's Interactive Technology and Pedagogy program as a student, program developer, and faculty. He has guest lectured and presented widely at conferences and has had articles published in the The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (which he cofounded) and Currents in Electronic Literacy and the collections Objects of Exchange (co-authored with Aaron Glass), Theater und Medien: Theatre and the Media, and Studying the Event Film: The Lord of the Rings (co-authored with Henry Bial and Ryan Reynolds).