Kostas Arvanitis
Senior Lecturer
University of Manchester

Kostas is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Museology, Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester. His research interests cross the fields of museology, archaeology, cultural heritage, and digital media. He is particularly interested in the use of mobile and social media in museums for purposes of curation, interpretation and audience engagement.

His current research activity includes:
- Investigating the use of data in capturing cultural experiences and driving data driven decisions/performance appraisal processes within cultural organisations (Culture Metrics Project, funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts: Big Data strand;;
- Developing a methodology to generate, collect, visualise and analyse social media and altmetrics data that would allow researchers build evidence of the dissemination and impact of their research (funded by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester); and
- Developing an innovative training provision to assist PhD students and ECRs in identifying, understanding and 'translating' the benefits of their heritage in 'real-life' public, professional and business contexts (funded by the Faculty of Humanities; previously funded by the AHRC